HealthLink Wholesale Pharmacy Management Software

Wholesale Pharmacy Management Software

The COMPLETE and MAINTENANCE-FREE Wholesale Pharmacy Management solution that helps you improve your bottom line

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Inventory and Stock Maintenance
Data-rich wholesale pharmacy management software solution with 80000+ items spread across 300+ remedy types covering branded remedies, cosmetics, surgicals and consumables. Simple, easy-to-implement stock-take-on process to migrate data from legacy system. Support for both Wholesale Invoicing and Retail Billing from same inventory. One-click billing for incoming electronic orders from retail pharmacies. Configurable bill layout, tax rates and discount rules. Profitability analysis at individual bill-level. Tax summary / extracts.

Keen on saving the environment? SMS your retail bills instead of printing.

Inwards Processing
Revolutionary Business-to-Business E-Commerce facility ensures you receive supplier invoices instantly. No need for error-prone data entry entry of individual items. Update your stocks at the click of a button. Upload spreadsheet invoices.

Easy-to-use user interface for manual invoice entry with near-expiry item alerts and purchase history enquiry.
Near-expiry report - filterable by form and primary active ingredient, sortable by form, expiry date or name with source of expired item.
Sales Register - by item, by item category (Schedule, as per Drugs and Cosmetics Act, India) by registered customer.
Purchase Register - by item.
Inwards Register - by vendor, by payment status
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Financial Accounting
Customer registration
Track vendor financial balances. Manage payment status and user-wise cash balances. Register your retail customers and obtain customer-wise sales reports.

Unique E-Commerce module for pharmaceutical trade.

Straight-Through Prescriptions (STP) technology enables direct receipt of online electronic purchase orders from Practitioners/Retail Pharmacies and one-click billing for such orders. Track order status from acceptance thru delivery. Communicate and collaborate at both ends of the supply chain - your manufacturers/suppliers as well as end-customers. Receive electronic invoices directly from manufacturers/suppliers. No need to manually input inward invoices.

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