HealthLink Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System

The COMPLETE hospital information management system that makes your hospital truly paperless, gets you closer to your patients and helps you focus on care

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Customer/Patient registration
Consultation Appointments
Seamless and efficient workflow with registration-cum-billing and registration-cum-EHR on same screen.

Auto-generate SMS to your customers/patients on registration.

Enable your staff as well as customers/patients independently book consultation appointments based on customized calendars set-up for each Practitioner.

Auto-generate SMS to your customers on appointment booking. Track check-ins and time utilization.

Out-Patient Queue Management
Generate token numbers and SMS them to your customers. Track waiting time and consultations using HealthLink Token Register. Set up customized billing packages for your customers/patients. Configure your tax rates as well as discount/refund limits for your users. Track financial balances of customers/patients.

Electronic Medical Records / Electronic Health Records
In-patient Administration
Anytime, anywhere access of central, single source of medical data enables time-flexibility and better preparedness of Practitioners. Eliminates need for your customers/patients reciting medical history to each Practitioner. Automatically assign In-Patient (IP) Registration Number and open In-Patient Case Sheet on bed assignment - efficiency at its best.

Obtain real-time data on bed occupancy status and occupation history anytime, anywhere.

Telehealth and Telemedicine
Virtual Hospital Support
Best-in-class Telehealth and Telemedicine solution with consultation appointment/tokens, voice/video-calling, real-time consultation note preparation, Straight-Through Prescriptions (STP), instant test-report availability and instant sharing of EHR/EMR with patients. Enroll remotely located Practitioners, pharmacies and labs. Transmit remedy prescriptions to pharmacies and receive test reports from laboratories, regardless of their location. HealthLink's superior networking capabilities help
a) Reduce commutes of your customers/patients.
b) Your team communicate and collaborate better to deliver services efficiently

Revenue dashboard
State-of-the-art reporting engine with configurable field list.

Enhance Practitioner productivity using HealthLink's proprietary Diagnosis-based Automatic Record Generation (D-BARG) technology.
Complete, user-friendly revenue dashboard with detailed revenue summary by service segment. Efficient referral tracking and reporting.

Patient portal
Straight-Through Prescriptions - STP
Shareable with extended team of Practitioners / Specialists for 2nd/3rd opinion, your HealthLink EHR/EMR can be enabled for independent access by your customers/patients. Practitioners can check stocks at prescription time. Remedy prescriptions are instantly transmitted to your pharmacy or pharmacies in your network to enable door-delivery of remedies.

Patient self-service kiosk
Seamless in-patient workflow
No more long waiting time at your reception / cash counter for your patients. They can approach HealthLink's patient self-service kiosk, enter their mobile phone number and select the doctor to consult. The kiosk automatically generates consultation bill and token. HealthLink's state-of-the-art in-patient workflow enables your Practitioner panel access in-patient information anytime, anywhere. They can monitor progress of in-patients, prescribe remedies and advice actions to your ward management team regardless of location.

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