HealthLink Medical Practice Management System


The COMPLETE and MAINTENANCE-FREE medical practice management system that makes your practice truly paperless, gets you closer to your patients and helps you focus on care

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Customer/Patient registration
Consultation Appointments
Seamless and efficient workflow with registration-cum-billing and registration-cum-EHR on same screen.

Auto-generate SMS to your customers/patients on registration.
Enable your staff as well as customers/patients independently book consultation appointments based on customized calendars set-up for each Practitioner.

Auto-generate SMS to your customers on appointment booking. Track check-ins and time utilization.

Electronic Medical Records / Electronic Health Records
Telehealth and Telemedicine
Anytime, anywhere access of central, single source of medical data enables time-flexibility and better preparedness of Practitioners. Eliminates need for your customers/patients reciting medical history to each Practitioner. Best-in-class Telehealth and Telemedicine solution with consultation appointment / tokens, voice/video-calling, real-time consultation note preparation, Straight-Through Prescriptions (STP), instant test-report availability and instant sharing of EHR/EMR with patients.

Straight-Through Prescriptions - STP
State-of-the-art reporting engine with configurable field list.

Enhance Practitioner productivity using HealthLink's proprietary Diagnosis-based Automatic Record Generation (D-BARG) technology.
Practitioners can check stocks at prescription time. Remedy prescriptions are instantly transmitted to your pharmacy or pharmacies in your network to enable door-delivery of remedies.

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