Laboratory Information Management Platform-as-a-Service

Do you manage a chain of laboratories?
A growing number of laboratory chains are adoptng HealthLink's state-of-the-art, pluggable, white-labelled Laboratory Information Management platform to integrate with their existing software solutions.
Are you a laboratory management software vendor?
Healthcare software vendors can adopt HealthLink's readily available, white-labelled Laboratory Information Management platform and build their own value-added wraparounds for their customers.

Test Image Eliminates up-front investments in software / hardware
Test Image Reduces cost-of-ownership
Test Image Enables easy and quick integration into existing software systems
Test Image Reduces Go-Live lead time
Test Image Eliminates maintenance overheads
Test Image Provides uniform and consistent end-user experience
Test Image Reduces end-user training and re-skilling overheads

HealthLink Diagnostic Laboratory Management Platform

Adopt HealthLink Laboratory Information Management technology platform today.

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