HealthLink Platform-as-a-Service

What is PaaS?
Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) is a category of cloud-computing services that allows developers/customers to run and manage software applications without the complexity of building and maintaining infrastructure typically associated with developing and launching a software application.

Why is HealthLink PaaS special?
HealthLink PaaS is the best-in-class healthcare PaaS that provides an environment for healthcare organizations and healthcare software vendors to almost instantly avail HealthLink software services. Access to readily available, pluggable HealthLink technology platforms eliminates complexities of setting up, configuring and managing software to fulfill basic healthcare requirements such as billing, CRM and EHR.

Who can benefit from HealthLink PaaS?

Healthcare organizations
a) Chains and franchisees of hospitals, clinics, laboratories, retail pharmacies and wholesale pharmacies, wanting to use cloud-based software with their own brand across chain for consistent user experience, seamlessly integrate-able with other software systems
b) Virtual hospitals providing healthcare services in collaboration with remotely located healthcare providers such as clinics/labs
Test Image Eliminates large up-front investments and operational overheads required for deploying/subscribing to a single healthcare application across chain
Test Image Provides single-window application for all business needs, by way of integration of HealthLink platform with software systems such as payroll, HR, Finance etc. No more separate URLs / shortcuts for each individual application
Test Image Reduces
- cost-of-ownership
- Go-Live lead time
Test Image Provides consistent user interface across organization, reducing cost and time required for training and re-skilling staff
Healthcare software vendors
Healthcare technology companies, providing software services developed in-house and looking for adoption of readily usable technology platforms for foundation healthcare needs namely customer/patient registration, billing, Electronic Health Records / Electronic Medical Records etc. thereby enabling them focus on development and maintenance of their business-specific value-added software components such as data analytics, AI etc.
Test Image Eliminates large up-front investments in elaborate software / hardware required for development and maintenance of foundation healthcare requirements such as customer/patient registration, billing, Electronic Health Records (EHR) / Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
Test Image Helps focus on design, development, deployment and maintenance of business-specific value-added components
Test Image Eliminates operational overheads of maintaining an elaborate software set-up for foundation healthcare requirements
Test Image Reduces Go-Live lead time for value-added software component development

Anticipated look-and-feel of HealthLink Platform adopted software solution
Imaginary adopter: ABC Software

Platform adopter's home page

On ABC Software user clicking "Login" button

On ABC Software user successfully logging in