HealthLink helps you deliver healthcare services the safest way possible - for your employees, Practitioners and patients. The most appropriate healthcare technology to adopt, during a pandemic.

Contactless Queue management
Contactless Appointment booking
No more paper / plastic tokens. HealthLink sends tokens over SMS, even without the patient visiting your hospital/clinic/lab. Your patients can book appointments remotely on HealthLink, thereby saving commutes and avoiding risks of infection.

Direct access to Electronic Health Records (EHR)
HealthLink comes with the most COMPLETE telemedicine solution ever, that covers the entire consultation cycle from appointment/tokens through door-delivery of remedies/test reports. Your patients can access their electronic health records directly on HealthLink thereby reducing commutes.

Multi-location EHR access
Central test assignment and tracking
HealthLink central EHR provides anytime, anywhere, device-independent access of central, single source of medical data, thereby reducing commutes of your Practitioners / employees. Assign tests to your partner labs and obtain reports the contactless way, using HealthLink.

Electronic test report delivery
Electronic orders from customers
Gone are the days of printing test reports and handing over to patients/doctors. HealthLink enables truly contactless, instant, electronic test report delivery. Receive pharmacy orders from Practitioners/customers directly through HealthLink.

Contactless pharmacy operations
Location-independent, device-independent care
Receive and process electronic invoices from your suppliers, place electronic purchase orders and send electronic sales bills through SMS. Only on HealthLink. Deliver your healthcare services regardless of location, with Virtual Hospital support from HealthLink. Access HealthLink solution on any PC / laptop / tablet / mobile phone, from wherever you are.

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